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The 107-year old building was going to be the centrepiece of a new hotel complex, but what happens now the the plans have been abandoned? Source: Devon live
There used to be dozens of butchers shops in Exeter - virtually every street had a butchers, now there are just four left Source: Devon live
Mary Pugsley MBE needs more space to help even more disadvantaged would-be hairdressers Source: Devon live
The country house hotel has been transformed in recent years Source: Devon live
The Captain's Table had been in the same ownership for three decades Source: Devon live
Every business needs to consider childcare and flexible working to get the best staff Source: Devon live
Hopes are high that manufacturing will return to Heathfield after the collapse of British Ceramic Tile Source: Devon live
Dawnus has been behind some of Devon's biggest construction projects Source: Devon live
Here's some pointers for entering the Exeter Business Awards 2019 Source: Devon live
Crediton Community Bookshop is just one of a handful of surviving indies in Devon and it has been voted among the best in the UK - this is why Source: Devon live
The business has survived huge changes over the decades and will now continue online Source: Devon live
This could mean good news for the tile factory that has been operating for more than 150 years Source: Devon live
From accountants to artists, jam makers to business bosses, you don't need telling that real women are going to work everyday just getting on with the job, no fanfares required.  DevonLive Business has gone out to collect their stories,...
These review sets out ways that the UK can create more women entrepreneurs Source: Devon live
There's just over a month to get nominating for the Exeter Business Awards Source: Devon live
The £3m scheme will provide sufficient access in order to develop the Airpark and will be forward funded by East Devon District Council Source: Devon live