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Christmas drugs warning after Plymouth teen deaths


A coroner has warned about taking drugs over Christmas following the deaths of two teenagers said to have taken ecstasy and amphetamines.Aaron Reilly and Joshua Brock, both 19, were found unconscious in Plymouth’s Pryzm nightclub and died in hospital.The friends had taken a mix of ecstasy and amphetamines, an inquest heard.Coroner Ian Arrow said the “tragic deaths in the party season” should “alert families to discuss what is safe to consume on a night out”.More on this story and others from Devon”Tabs, tablets, powder or excess alcohol rarely result in a pleasant convivial evening with friends,” he said. “Please, look after your mates”.

The cause of death of Mr Reilly, a mechanic from Chagford in Devon, and Mr Brock, a student from Hatherleigh in Devon, is still unknown.Coroner’s officer Andrew Bolter said Mr Reilly had told staff at the nightclub the pair had taken “Mandy”, a mix of MDMA (ecstasy) and amphetamines.CPR was administered on site by bar staff and continued by medical staff, but both were pronounced dead early on 9 December at Derriford Hospital.The inquest will resume on 13 April.
Source: Devon BBC