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Controversial plans for massive industrial park on edge of Exeter resubmitted


Controversial plans for a massive industrial development on the edge of Exeter, that could create 1,600 new jobs, are back.
Last September, Exeter Estates Ltd, led by Exeter Chiefs chairman Tony Rowe, had permission for a 47,000 sq m employment development at Peamore, known locally as the old Frank Tucker’s garage, between Exminster and Kennford at West Exe Park, Alphington – a scheme they say would have created 1,588 new jobs – rejected.
Teignbridge District Council’s planning committee rejected the plans by 10 votes to six on the grounds that it was contrary to landscape and highways policies and that the transport plan was inadequate – to cheers from the public gallery.
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But now, Exeter Estates have resubmitted their planning application to planners.

The West Exe Park business park plan
A statement submitted with the application says: “The application is made following a period of extensive discussion with officers and members of Teignbridge District Council and Exeter City Council and with nearby parish councils and members of the local community.
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“The prospect of the application site being developed for an employment use has been anticipated for some time. Although the current development plans shows the site to be in the open countryside, it was originally proposed to be allocated for an employment use as part of the (then) draft Local Plan, and the draft allocation was only removed following an objection from Exeter City Council regarding possible concerns over potential traffic impacts, rather than any other objection to the principle of employment use in this area.”

Ariel view of site
The scheme proposes the development of the land for a mixture of business, general industrial, and storage and distribution uses, and access to the site will be provided via a new roundabout which would be sited on the A379, across land to the south which the applicant owns.
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The statement continues: “The scheme is being proposed in order to respond to the demand for new employment space to be provided in the area. New development of the Peamore Centre would be relevant to all parties seeking space in the Exeter market. Traditional employment locations within Exeter have seen high levels of take-up and offer limited space currently. A development such as the Peamore Centre is highly relevant to the supply in the Exeter market and this can deliver the much needed space to the market.

Peamore site
“There is a significant shortfall in the supply of land in the greater Exeter area for the proposed range of uses, and the proposed scheme at West Exe Park would not only help address this shortfall, but by virtue of its location close to the strategic road network, be attractive to prospective employers. This is clearly relevant to the merits of the application within the context of the Council’s employment policies which seek to ensure an ongoing supply of available employment land in order that housing growth in the area is more closely matched by the delivery of new jobs. As the requirement to provide further employment space is a key planning objective for the area, it is considered that this aspect of the proposed development alone weigh strongly in support of the scheme.
“The proposed development represents an important opportunity to provide a number of key benefits to the area. The type and amount of uses proposed are capable of being delivered without detriment to the character of the area or to the amenity of local residents.”
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When the previous application was discussed by councillors in September, Cllr Dennis Smith, committee chairman, was duty bound to propose approving the application in line with the officers’ recommendation as no proposal had come forward. But the vote to approve the application was lost by 14 votes to two. Cllr Mike Pilkington then recommended refusing the application on the grounds that it was contrary to landscape and highways policies and that the transport plan is not robust enough – a vote that was carried by 10 votes to six.

Unit plan for the business park
A new transport plan had been proposed by Exeter Estates to address the concerns, including a new cycleway and bus stops. But councillors felt that the provisions didn’t go far enough and that even though they were being told significant benefits would be provided, it would create abject misery for residents if approved.
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Teignbridge District Council planners will make a decision on the new application for the site.
Source: Devon live