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Devon lads launch app to rival Snapchat and Instagram


Devon’s very own Ninja Warrior is part of a consortium battling it out against the titans of Silicon Valley with a new social medial app called Vye.
Corbin Mackin shot to fame on two series of the hit ITV obstacle course show, and is one of half a dozen investors who have injected a ‘six-figure’ sum into an app which they hope will one day be as popular as Instagram and Snapchat.
Vye lets users share photos and videos, linked to any subject, with friends and followers.

App… what Vye looks like
The app also incorporates an element of competition – the more people that swipe right on posts, the higher in a leaderboard the user climbs.
Posts can relate to any subject, for example #love, #fashion, #cute, #art, #car, #goal #fitness, the options are endless, says Mr Mackin.
Vye also allows users to create private groups, browse, discover and join in trending topics; gain “golden likes” and simply make new friends.
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It can also be used to raise cash for charity and business owners can create a free account to promote their wares, reports The Herald.
And the Vye team is launching a competition for the best content posted under #plymouth, and future contests could have cash prizes.
“Will you be able to post the best #selfie in the world? or perhaps your #slamdunk video is unbeatable,” Mr Mackin said.

Trick shot… an image from Vye
The former soldier, who has also starred in Netflix’s US obstacle challenge show Beastmaster, has partnered with Ryan Elsey, a Plymouth entrepreneur and owner of QERB Energy Ltd, at Sisna Business Park, to create Vye.
With four other investors the team worked with a London-based app developer for about 18 months to create the Vye technology, based on the Plymouth team’s design.
It has now been launched on The App Store worldwide.
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Vye is currently being developed for Android, which should launch later in 2017.
After a “soft launch” in Plymouth, the consortium now hopes the product will match the success of its San Francisco Bay Area competitors.
Its initial unveiling is focused on the city to test the app’s stability and gain user feedback prior to a global commercial launch.

Hashtag… Vye creates a leader board
However, the app is already seeing “excellent results” in the UK – and as far as China.
“We want to take on the big boys of Silicon Valley,” said Mr Mackin. “We’d like to compete against Snapchat and Instagram.
“But first we have to see how well it does, check of any bugs and if it flows right, basically making sure it works.
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“But so far we have already had more than 2,000 downloads, that’s not bad in just a month.
“And when we create a campaign for people to win money they will come to it.”
He added: “We’re ready for a new social media app, people are bored with those already around, they move on.

Ninja Warrior… Corbin Mackin on the hit ITV show (Image: ITV)
“Vye is a domain where all your videos and pictures are under one hashtag that you have created yourself.
“It’s a good app, I wouldn’t have invested in it if I didn’t believe in it.”
Mr Mackin said charities and businesses could benefit too and said: “There’s a charitable function, we make it easier for charities to be on social media, you can create a charitable campaign with a hashtag, people can donate via a button.
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“And no matter what type of business you run, you can reach and interact with your existing and new customers via the Vye app.
“Showcase your products and services, let people know about your latest offers or encourage users to share you posts and even upload their own pictures and videos using a hashtag connected to your business.”
Vye has already been working with Plymouth’s Fuel Catering, run by Mehdi Taheri from the Heaven restaurant.

Fuel… restaurateur Mehdi Taheri – with daughter Scarlett, ezx-Plymouth Argyle player Reuben Reid and project manager Becky Murphy – launches his low-carb meals. He’s now working with Vye
The business produces low-carb, healthy option, takeaway meals.
“We’re launching a campaign with them under #fuel,” Mr Mackin said.
Meanwhile, Mr Mackin is hopeful of returning to our screens again with Ninja Warrior.
“I was course testing with ITV last month,” he said.
You can download Vye now for free on The App Store.
Simply search The App Store for Vye.
Source: Devon live