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Joseph McNally convicted over air rifle 'road rage'


A man has been convicted after pointing an air rifle out of his van window in a “road rage” attack.Joseph McNally, 26, from Cullompton, was playing a “cat and mouse” overtaking game on the M5 in February, Exeter Crown Court Heard.A jury found him guilty of possessing a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence.He said his dog knocked the air rifle into his footwell – a defence deemed “laughable” by a judge.More on the road rage story and other stories from across Devon and Cornwall.Following the incident, police intercepted him and found the gun in the passenger footwell. It was not loaded and was held lawfully, the court heard.’Remarkably stupid’McNally claimed his dog, Sky, had jumped into the front seat of his VW van and knocked the rifle into the driver’s footwell.He said he had been moving it to a safe place rather than pointing it when the weapon was seen by a passenger in another car. The court was told the passenger feared McNally would fire the Remington Tyrant Tactical air rifle, which looks like a hunting rifle.The dog defence was dismissed as “almost laughable” by Judge Graham Cottle.Adjourning the case for a probation report, he calling McNally’s actions “remarkably stupid and very serious”. The judge told him: “It is up to you to decide whether you choose, in the light of the verdict, to maintain that this was an accident brought about by your dog.”Lee Bremridge, defending, said McNally had no previous convictions and was a hard-working man with a partner and stable home life.
Source: Devon BBC