Home news Paedophile 'denied Dartmoor jail course to cure him'

Paedophile 'denied Dartmoor jail course to cure him'


A sex offender released from Dartmoor Prison in the last six months says the risk of him re-offending is “extremely high” because, he says, he was unable to get on a rehabilitation course. His claim comes as a damning report by the Independent Monitoring Board says the jail is not offering the required sex offender treatment programmes to help sex offenders to address their behaviour. In order to protect his victims his words have been voiced by an actor.The Prison & Probation Service said protecting the public “is our priority” and all high risk offenders released from Dartmoor were supervised by the probation service.It said in a statement: “The vast majority are released to approved accommodation and all are seen by seen by their probation officer on the first day of release to reinforce their licence conditions. A review of risk management arrangements has taken place and a new senior probation officer is also already in post to oversee the management of higher risk offenders.”
Source: Devon BBC