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Plymouth railway station murder: Jamie Skinner jailed for life


A man who stabbed another man to death in a “merciless” attack on a railway station concourse has been jailed for a minimum of 22 years and six months.Jamie Skinner, 29, of Bodmin Road, Plymouth, pleaded guilty at Plymouth Crown Court to murder.Wayne Fenton, 49, who knew his attacker, died in hospital after he suffered about 40 knife injuries at Plymouth railway station on 8 August.Judge Paul Darlow said it was a “sustained, merciless, vicious attack”.More Devon and Cornwall newsCCTV footage shown in court showed Skinner repeatedly attack Mr Fenton with a black Stanley knife in front of fleeing onlookers.Mr Fenton suffered about 40 knife injuries and was stabbed in the head with such force, the tip of the blade lodged itself in his skull.

Richard Smith, QC, defending, said: “There was, on the way to the station, a considerable falling out between them about matters that were acutely personal to them.”He added Skinner became “enraged” by what he thought was “a credible and real threat to his mother”.Judge Paul Darlow said Skinner took the knife from his car with the clear intention of using it.”That knife could have only been taken from the glove box into the public arena for a specific purpose,” he added.Det Ch Insp Paul Langley of British Transport Police said it was a “horrific and senseless attack”.He added: “Wayne’s murder will have a lasting effect on his family and loved ones and no doubt the members of the public and staff that were present at the station”.
Source: Devon BBC