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Safari-themed mini golf course for Dawlish will 'breathe new life' into the town


Plans to ‘breathe new life’ into Dawlish with a revamped 12-hole safari-themed mini golf course are being backed – despite a raft of objections.
An application has been submitted that would update and renovate the existing course at Tuck’s Plot which has been running for more than 20 years.
New operator Robert Phipps had created a scheme to create a 12-hole safari-themed mini golf course and the application says the proposal will enhance the site at Tuck’s Plot and make the area more aesthetically pleasing.

Gv of Mini Golf, Dawlish (Image: Andy Styles)
But 58 residents objected to the scheme – many of whom concerned about the proposed refreshment kiosk that is included in the plans, with only three people registering their support.
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The scheme goes before Teignbridge Council’s planning committee next Tuesday morning as the council own the land where the golf course would be and is recommended for approval.
This application seeks consent for the redevelopment of the existing golf course to create a 12-hole safari-themed adventure golf course with an accompanying new golf/refreshment kiosk.

Gv of Mini Golf, Dawlish (Image: Andy Styles)
The report recommending the plans be approved says: “Concern has been raised in a number of representations received in relation to the provision of the new larger kiosk and its impact on existing local businesses in the area. While this concern is noted, there is no policy objection to the provision of a new food establishment within a Town Centre Location and therefore there would be no justification for refusing the proposed kiosk on grounds of competition to existing businesses in the area.
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“A condition is, however, recommended to limit the sale of goods from the kiosk to merchandise relating to the golf course and refreshments.”
Other objections raise concerns that the development would be detrimental to the wildlife on the Brook, including the black swans, the ‘animal’ structures are too large, and that more litter would be generated.

Gv of Mini Golf, Dawlish (Image: Andy Styles)
But the three letters of support say that the new course would breathe fresh life into the seafront area of the town, it would make a feature of the area that is the first thing you see when getting off the train, will smarten the area up, and the kiosk would effectively replace the old ‘pirate’s chest’ kiosk that was demolished last month.
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Dawlish railway beach kiosk which has now been completely demolished
Dawlish town council raised no objection to the plans, and the application adds the renovations to the golf course will enhance the site and also ensure that the Dawlish sign nearby, which has been in place for 100 years and is a key part of the seafront heritage, will be kept it in good repair for years to come.
Work has been ongoing already around Tuck’s Plot while the next phase of the extension to the Exe Estuary Cycle Trail was being built.
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Teignbridge Council’s planning committee meets on Tuesday morning and is being recommended to approve the plans.
Source: Devon live