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Sponsored: Superfast broadband opens the South West for…


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The installation of super-fast broad band across Devon and Cornwall is opening up opportunities for businesses looking to relocate in the South West.
That’s the view of commercial property experts at Bruton Knowles who say anecdotal evidence is already showing a rise in the number of firms looking for a better work / life balance with many already having made the move.
And as the fibre optic style broadband reaches further into the South West peninsular, so too will the number of businesses looking for suitable place to set up their operation.

Mark Slade of Bruton Knowles said: “More and more businesses are internet or web-based and means they don’t necessarily have to be located in traditional, urban areas to operate.
“In the past they would have had to be near broadband hotspots where they could log on without any issues.
“But the rise in super-fast connectivity has allowed, in particular, tech-based firms the chance to make the most of competitive rates and a lifestyle for their staff many often dream of.”
Change in priorities
Mark is also keen to point out that one of the main questions now asked when a business is making an enquiry about an office or business unit is the broadband speed, with details such as energy efficiency and business rates now coming a little lower down the priority list.
He added: “A building’s broadband connection is the first item people now ask about when making an enquiry about potential premises. It means landlords wanting to let their property will need to make sure the broadband connection is of a suitable standard.
“Otherwise potential tenants will look elsewhere and leave the landlord with potential voids.
“Superfast broadband ensures that employees no longer have to compete for access to slow and limited conventional broadband services. It also allows employees to potentially work from home as they can access company systems from the comfort of their own kitchen or home office.
“Our view is that as superfast broadband deployment increases so too will interest in properties across Devon and Cornwall.
“Superfast broad band has taken away the importance of location with more and more businesses moving away from major conurbations such as London as they come to realise the benefits of re-locating to this part of the UK.
“There are also less issues surrounding the commute, not to mention the wonderful surroundings that this part of the UK has on offer.”
If you are seeking advice to relocate in Devon or Cornwall please call Mark Slade 01752 936101 or email [email protected]

Source: Devon live